Calibration of measuring instruments
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Calibration of measuring instruments
At Technon International, the calibration of measuring instruments is carried out in accordance with traceable national, regional and international standards and methods of calibration. The calibration certification is traceable to known international standards.

- Linear Instruments Calibration

Linear measuring instruments which include vernier calipers, micrometers, dip tapes, dip sticks, meter rules, tape measures, dial test indicators, guillotines
Block gauges

-Equipment Calibration
Pressure measuring instruments which include pressure gauges, pressure transducers, pressure calibrators, dead weight testers.
Gas Detector Calibration
Equipment Repair
Pressure Calibration

- Volumetric Calibration
Volumetric equipment such as storage tanks, process tanks, road tankers, and
flow meters.
Volumetric calibration
Scale machine calibration
Volumetric calibration tanks

Tank Calibration

Tank Calibration
Tank Calibration

-Electrical and Electronic Equipment Calibration
Electric measuring instruments such multimeters, thermometers, temperature
gauges tong testers, clamp meters, tachometers.

-Mass Calibration
Scales, balances, compression testers and weighbridges
Balance calibration
Mass Calibration
Mass Calibration

-Torque Calibration
Calibration of torque ranges and other torque tools
Torque Calibration

-Hygiene and Environmental monitoring Equipment
Gas detectors, Lux meter, Noise Dosimeter, Heat Stress Meter, Vibration
Meter and dust monitors
Noise Monitoring Equipment
Environmental Fallout Dust Equipment
Personal Dust Monitoring Equipment
Illumination/Light Survey Equipment
Heat Stress Survey Equipment

Technon Metrology laboratory has begun the accreditation process to ISO 17025 with SADCAS. The application and QMS documentation have already been completed.