Hygiene Monitoring Equipment
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Hygiene Monitoring Equipment Profile
Dust Survey
We use both passive and active monitoring depending on the obtaining environment. The Split II lite Dust Monitor is for passive monitoring and is real time. The SKC Air check 52 are for active monitoring from SKC Instruments which meets ISO 7708: 1995. Both are capable of measuring Inhalable, Respirable and Thoracic Dust.
Light/ Illumination Measurement
Lighning for both day and night are perfomed using HD 400 heavy duty light meters ranging from 0 to 400 000 Lux.
Noise Measurement
Noise survey comprise both personal dosimetry and general.Personal is specific to an individual whereas general is for the area under survey.In both cases the instruments are realtime and digital.The noise surveys are conducted in accordance with to ISO 9612 and of ISO1996 Range is from 50 to 130dB.Frequency of 20-8000Hz.All the instruments are capable of datalogging.
Vibration Measurement
Vibration surveys are conducted using wide frequency range heavy duty Castle vibration meter with sensitivity which meets ISO 2954. The Vibration meter can assess both Hand Arm (HARM) and Whole Body(WBV) .It shows velocity, acceleration and displacement measurements with software
Ventilation measurements are done with a CFM Thermo-Anemometer heavy duty that has an air velocity range of 0.5-35.0 m/s, air flow measurements of 0-999,990 m³/min. The ventilation meter has got an LCD Dual display multifunction with PC interface.
Heat Stress/ Thermal Comfort
Heat Stress and Tempstress heat stress monitors are direct reading instruments which read out the Humidity, ambient temperature and Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT). The procedure for evaluation of exposure to heat is based on ISO 7243.
Personal ambient gas detection
Personal gas detectors we have are multi-gas with settable exposure limits and alarming system.
Volatile Organic Compounds
We are currently using sorbent tubes with a medium term plan to acquire a PID
Hygiene Monitoring
Hygiene monitoring scopes all workplace hazards that affect health and safety of workers. Such hazards include heat stress, dust, noise, illumination, vibration, VOCs, chemical fumes and ergonomics.
Chemical fumes exposure
Vibration Dosage Survey
Chemical exposure using multi-gas detectors to determine dosage for accure control measure recommendation
Real-time Dust monitoring
Noise and light survey

Dust monitoring comprises of both active and passive monitoring in all particle size range that includes inhalable, thoracic and respirable using state of the art equipment.